Details for New Governance of Addictive Substances and Behaviours

Name:New Governance of Addictive Substances and Behaviours



Peter Anderson, Fleur Braddick, Patricia J. Conrod, Antoni Gual, Matilda Hellman, Silvia Matrai, David Miller, David Nutt, J├╝rgen Rehm, Jillian Reynolds, and Tamyko Ysa

No one country has yet got governance polices right. The project's outcome is a plan for the redesign of addictions governance, which includes amendments to key metrics used in research, promoting individual-level to society-level scope of understanding in policy approaches, and bringing the impact of dependency on societal well-being to the fore.

New Governance of Addictive Substances and Behaviours is an unprecedented study, both in terms of international reach and scope of issues addressed. It will be a key resource for anyone with an interest in research-driven European policy change in public health and the field of addictive substances and behaviours.


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