Past ALICE RAP events

3rd Policy Dialogue - 4th June 2015 - Addictions, drug policy framework and public health

A decision makers’ policy dialogue was convened in June 2015 with officials from World Health Organization in Geneva, CH, with the title "Addictions, drug policy framework and public health".

Discussion identified six next steps to further operationalisation of ALICE RAP findings:

1.       Development of concrete indicators to measure well-being outcomes related to the OECD well-being frame (for example educational achievement) that could be used when reporting on policy impact;

2.       Better measures of policy outcomes  for all substances built around the ALICE RAP four models of governance of addictions in Europe;

3.       How to measure the treatment gap for psychoactive substances, including measures of need and of treatment coverage;

4.       How to operationalize and measure whole of government and whole of society approaches to assessing policy;

5.       How to better develop the concept of heavy use over time, and what this means for policy, clinical practice and classification systems; and

6.       How to use margins of exposure (MOE) analyses as measures of policy outcomes  - what policies lead to what changes in exposure that lead to what changes in MOE.


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5th Steering Group Meeting, Castelldefels

3rd – 4th February 2015, Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain

Members of the ALICE RAP Steering Group will meet to discuss the progress of work of the project and plan the remaining tasks to be carried out in the project's final year and leading up to the final conference in November 2015.


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4th ALICE RAP General Partners' Meeting, Amsterdam 2014

12th - 14th May, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The 4th ALICE RAP Plenary Meeting was held in the hotel NH Barbizon Palace, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands from midday Monday 12th May to lunchtime Wednesday 14th May 2014.


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4th ALICE RAP Steering Meeting, 2014 (teleconference)

8th January, by teleconference

Members of the ALICE RAP Steering Committee met via teleconference to discuss the present status and progress of work of the AR project.


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ALICE RAP 2nd e-lab workshop

27th-28th November 2013, Barcelona, Spain

The main goal of the e-lab activity was to discuss the concept, feasibility and development of a metric that can measure the impact of an action (or lack of action) by an entity on alcohol, drugs and tobacco (ADT)-related health. 


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Policy dialogue - EU Policy Seminar in Brussels

12th November 2013 , Brussels, Belgium

In the context of growing policy interest in policy options for the governance of addictive substances and activities, researchers from the European Commission co-financed ALICE RAP project organized an expert workshop with European level policy decision-makers and researchers working onthe governance of addiction and related issues.

The meeting aimed to address some of the specific questions European policy-makers are confronting as they consider policy options to reduce or prevent the costs and harms related to the consumption of addictive substances and activities. The workshop presented key policy issues and preliminary findings coming out of ALICE RAP. 

· Scope purpose and Agenda

· Full PPT

· Summary notes


3rd ALICE RAP General Partners' Meeting, Barcelona

23rd – 25th April 2013, Barcelona, Spain

The 3rd ALICE RAP Plenary Meeting, that took place in Barcelona (Spain), was another opportunity for partners to meet in person, update and move forward the research being done in each of the project areas.

During the first day of the meeting, the 23rd of April, an open conference on addictions and lifestyles, cofinanced by the Catalan Government, was held which gathered together well-known international and local experts on addictions and well-being. The relationship between addictions and well-being, sugar as an addictive substance and the importance of transdisciplinary research in the field of addictions were some of the main topics discussed during the open meeting.


Tuesday 23rd April


Reframing addictions: Heavy use over time
Jürgen Rehm, Dresden Technical University
Comment: Esteve Salto, Agència de Salut Pública, Generalitat de Catalunya

Reframing addictions: Sugar?
Laura Schmidt, AliceRap Global Science Group
Comment: Carmen Cabezas, Subdirecció General de Promoció de la Salut, Generalitat de Catalunya

Reframing addictions: Media images
Matilda Hellman, Helsinki University
Comment: Guillherme Borges, AliceRap Global Science Group

Transdisciplinary team-based research
Jakob Zinsstag-Klopfenstein, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

Trans-disciplinary research as a model for understanding addictions
Maurice Mittelmark, Bergen University

Well-being: evidence for policy
Laura Stoll, New Economics Foundation

Well-being: the place of addictions in Contemporary Europe
Peter Anderson, Newcastle University and University of Maastricht

The Global Commission on Drugs
Mike Trace, International Drug Policy Consortium
Comment: Robin Room, Stockholm University



What determines addictions?
Gerhard Bühringer, IFT Intitute
Comment: Juan Negrete, AliceRap Global Science Group

Corporate actions and addictions
David Miller, University of Bath
Comment: Charles Parry, AliceRap Global Science Group

Governance practices and addictions
Tamyko Ysa, ESADE Fundation
Commentator: John Holmes, The University of Sheffield

Governance frameworks and the role of innovations
Svanaug Fjaer, Stavanger University
Hildegunn Sagvaag, Stavanger University
Comment: Franz Trautmann, TRIMBOS

Post-political governance – making conflict invisible
Ben Baumberg, University of Kent
Comment: Martine Stead, The University of Stirling

Roundtable discussion on international legal frameworks
Moderator: Peter Anderson, Newcastle University and University of Maastricht
Ron Borland, AliceRap Global Science Group
Mike Trace, International Drug Policy Consortium
Robin Room, Stockholm University
Alison Ritter, AliceRap Global Science Group



Wednesday 24th April



Thursday 25th April 

Table Survey
Maurice Mittelmark, Bergen University

How should we respond to addictive behaviours in Young People?
Harry Sumnall, Liverpool John Moores University

When biology meets culture
Reinout Wiers, University of Amsterdam
Thomas Pronk, University of Amsterdam

Marketing ALICE RAP
Franklin Apfel, World Health Communication Associates
Fleur Braddick, Fundació Clínic per a la Recerca Biomédica

Walking forward - the development of an addictions footprint
Peter Anderson, University of Maastricht and Newcastle University

Final Business of ALICE RAP
Silvia Matrai, Fundació Clínic per la Recerca Biomédica and colleagues


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3rd Steering Group Meeting, Castelldefels

5th – 7th February 2013, Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain

The 3rd ALICE RAP steering group meeting took place in Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain. The leaders of the differents areas integrating the project met again for this annual event in order to move forward the work being done in the diferent areas, define the main directing research lines of the project and plan the next general partner meeting.

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2nd Steering Group Meeting, Mallorca

28 February – 1 March 2012, Mallorca, Spain

The ALICE RAP steering group met in Mallorca, Spain, to strengthen synergies and networking between the Work Areas, and explore options for a scientific framework of the project and outcomes.

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Policy Dialogue - UK Cabinet Seminar on Alcohol Pricing Policy

23rd February 2012, Admiralty Arch, London, UK

In the context of growing policy interest in pricing policy as a tool to address alcohol harms, researchers from ALICE RAP and RAND Corporation organised an invitation-only saminar of policy-makers and researchers working on alcohol pricing and related issues.

The meeting aimed to address some of the specific questions policy-makers in the UK are confronting as they consider policy options, with a focus on excise taxation, minimum pricing, restrictions on promotions and discounts, and bans on below cost sales.