Over the course of the project, in its objective to pull together disparate disciplines and researchers working in different aspects of addiction phenomena, ALICE RAP will both collate information and produce a number of valuable resources to investigators, policy-makers, clinicians and the public.

Text-based items can be found in the Documents section. This section will include the ALICE RAP Description of Work (for registered users) as well as, all the periodic project reports, academic and non-academic publications coming out of the ALICE RAP work, bulletins, press briefs and related documents on addictions and evidence-based policy. In this section it can also be found a Well-being Library, a collection of documents, compiled by the ALICE RAP scientists, on well-being research and policy initiatives.

Different presentations on the ALICE RAP project and others related to addictions can be found in the Presentations section.

The Audiovisual material section houses videos and audio recordings about the ALICE RAP project or related topics encompassed in the addiction research and policy fields.

The websites of relevant initiatives and institutions are grouped into categories in the Links pages - European institutions, related initiatives and projects, datasets, addiction journals, blogs...